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Recomended sites

Have you tried a lot of different things to get well? What is the root cause of your health problems?
Are anxiety and depression all in your head or do they begin in your gut?

The primary function of the HPA (is an abbreviation for a subsystem in our body called the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis).The HPA axis role is to regulate the stress response. We used to believe that mental health problems like depression and anxiety start in our head and they are isolated from the rest of the body. Researches show that there is a bidirectional conversation between the gut and brain and disruptions of homeostasis (the process of keeping the internal body environment in a steady-state may create chronic inflammation and /or even worsen anxiety and depression symptoms. Our gut microbiota has a vital role in the gut-brain axis by influencing our hormonal system. What we feed the “good” bacteria in the gut is crucial for our mental wellbeing. We know from the Hippocrates that all diseases begin in the gut and it’s so true with anxiety, depression and other health problems. Having too much stress, neglecting sleep and food we eat, make our symptoms worse. As a Nutritional Therapist and Functional Medicine practitioner, I work holistically with my clients, using a systems biology approach to look at the root cause of your health problem.

When you look at the root cause -you will find the solution that it’s more effective and helping a lot of other symptoms that go along with anxiety and depression such as gastrointestinal symptoms or brain fog. If you like to know how I can help you, please visit my website for more information.