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Gestalt is a form of psychotherapy, a stream in psychology and a life philosophy, all at the same time. As a philosophy of life it comes from psychoanalysis, existentialism, phenomenology, Zen Buddhism and it falls into a wider section of psychology and humanistic psychotherapy.

Doctor and psychotherapist Frederick Pers is considered a creator of Gestalt. According to his theory, the main cause of problems in the lives of humans is the lack of the ability to consciously experience emotions, needs, abilities and limitations. Therefore, humans  experience helplessness, dependency. Moreover the feeling of being taken advantage of often takes over the feeling of happiness and satisfaction.

The word Gestalt, means a figure, a person, a form, a unified whole. A human being creates a sum of all the elements and in every moment he/she creates a unique whole, which is more than just a sum of the elements- this concept highlights the necessity of the total and integrated apprehension of the experiences.

Very characteristic for Gestalt approach is a belief that people, even those in a very difficult situation, will develop and take responsibility for their life. When they become more conscious of who they are, what needs they have, what they want, what they think and how they deal with conflicts between what they say and what they actually do, then they feel responsible for their own life and make the right choices.

Gestalt therapy focuses potentially on here and now, on the present, and discovers how our past influences it. Therapist assists the client to achieve a better understanding and awareness of her/himself and helps to discover possibilities and uncover those areas never accessed before. Subsequent result of that process can be: relief from the suffering, the feeling of independence, openness, creativity, happiness in taking an active part in his.her own life, with a greater consciousness and more satisfying relationships with others.